How It Happened and What We Can Do Now

Okay, controversial and strong opinions ahead — a fair warning has been given.

Brainwashing is a severe form of social influence that aims to cause changes in someone’s way of thinking without that person’s consent and often against his/her will.

It’s a concept that has previously and majorly been used…

Give up money for free time to have long term happiness

How do you measure success?

I remember getting some interesting answers while discussing this with some friends over a couple of beers.

“How huge my salary cheque is”

“Nah, how quickly I get promoted in a new job — that’s the sign of true intelligence”

“Best Employee of the Year…

The disparity between how the world views millennials and how millennials view the world of work

Anyone born between 1981 and 1996 (age 25–40 years) is considered a Millennial. But what does it really mean to be a millennial? Some researchers/authors call us lazy, narcissistic, entitled, self-centered, materialistic, and other such (un)flattering adjectives. But they also call us impatient and chide us for jumping from job…

But how you can discover yours…

Have you seen the National Treasure movies? Or Journey to the Centre of the Earth? These are popular movie franchises where the protagonist and some friends hunt for a chest of treasure. Or some fabled and fictional place like the center of the earth.
For the last 5 years…

And What You Should Do Instead While Applying via Email

I recently screened some 100–150 emails from candidates in response to a hiring drive for one of the open positions in my team. And boy, was it a nightmare!

The process was unnecessarily tough — less due to the sheer volume of emails/applications received but more due to the nonchalant…

Please Stop Discriminating Against Us

Dear Mr. Williams,
I am writing to highlight an issue which I am sure you are well aware of. And not only because I have written several emails to Medium Support or tweeted about it around 8–10 times. …

Taking a long term approach to your career instead of following typical advice

One of my friends did an informal survey amongst his college batchmates to decipher whether his current salary was within the range of his peer set or not.

Even before I go ahead and tell you what happened, let me warn you about the likely outcome — nothing good comes…

Advice for all stages of your career — right from when you join a new job to when you decide to quit

They say wisdom comes with age and experience.

To start off, I am not that old — just 29 years old. And maybe that disqualifies me from giving career advice. …

And the Ultimate Metric which can determine your article’s success

I am confused.

I know this is an odd way to start an article, but foggy is what I feel.

See, I‘ve just started writing on Medium. Like a good kid, I read all the zillion of articles that suggested some 1001 ways to succeed here.

So I took notes…

My Mission: Deepening my commitment to Writing

I am taking the leap of faith and accepting the challenge of submitting 30 different articles in 30 days.

This challenge was started by David Majister and you can read his post if you want to know more.

Intended Outcome

I have a full-time corporate job — which means even though I…

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