Give up money for free time to have long term happiness

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How do you measure success?

I remember getting some interesting answers while discussing this with some friends over a couple of beers.

“How huge my salary cheque is”

“Nah, how quickly I get promoted in a new job — that’s the sign of true intelligence”

“Best Employee of the Year Award — for sure”

Noticed how none of the answers moved beyond work?

Millennials expect their jobs to be a lot more than just a part of their lives. Sometimes it’s even their life’s purpose and at other times how they measure success.

I recently came across the concept of…

The disparity between how the world views millennials and how millennials view the world of work

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Anyone born between 1981 and 1996 (age 25–40 years) is considered a Millennial. But what does it really mean to be a millennial? Some researchers/authors call us lazy, narcissistic, entitled, self-centered, materialistic, and other such (un)flattering adjectives. But they also call us impatient and chide us for jumping from job to job at the drop of a hat. Essentially, we are judged because of our career moves.

And I was judged too. See, I’ve switched 3 jobs in the last 5 years and have no regrets. They were all calculated and well-thought-out moves. But in all job interviews, justifying this…

But how you can discover yours…

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Have you seen the National Treasure movies? Or Journey to the Centre of the Earth? These are popular movie franchises where the protagonist and some friends hunt for a chest of treasure. Or some fabled and fictional place like the center of the earth.
For the last 5 years, I’ve also been on a quest to find the treasure. No, not the box full of diamonds and jewels. I am talking about the real treasure of life — the secret to happiness. My Ikigai. The purpose of my life and what is the motive of my wanderings on Earth!


Taking a long term approach to your career instead of following typical advice

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One of my friends did an informal survey amongst his college batchmates to decipher whether his current salary was within the range of his peer set or not.

Even before I go ahead and tell you what happened, let me warn you about the likely outcome — nothing good comes out of comparing your life with others. But curiosity got the better of me and I let him continue.

Let’s assume both his and my salary is $X. As per his survey, all of his friends were at least 2.5–3.5 times our $X salary.

I tried to dig into this…

Advice for all stages of your career — right from when you join a new job to when you decide to quit

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They say wisdom comes with age and experience.

To start off, I am not that old — just 29 years old. And maybe that disqualifies me from giving career advice. But hold on, I still have experience on my side — if you don’t measure it only in terms of time.

You see, in the last 6 years of my corporate career, I’ve seen and experienced situations that few people get to observe in their decades-long careers. Like, quitting a job without any backup plan because I wanted to prioritize my mental health. Or, dealing with toxic managers/work cultures. …

And the Ultimate Metric which can determine your article’s success

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I am confused.

I know this is an odd way to start an article, but foggy is what I feel.

See, I‘ve just started writing on Medium. Like a good kid, I read all the zillion of articles that suggested some 1001 ways to succeed here.

So I took notes in the pretty journal and tried to achieve the ultimate goal of getting curated. But here is what happened. Post publishing 14 articles in the last 2 months, I noticed some contradicting trends. …

My Mission: Deepening my commitment to Writing

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I am taking the leap of faith and accepting the challenge of submitting 30 different articles in 30 days.

This challenge was started by David Majister and you can read his post if you want to know more.

Intended Outcome

I have a full-time corporate job — which means even though I am supposed to work 8 hours, I end up working 10–12 hours sometimes.

Committing to writing an article a day seems very difficult at the very onset — mainly because I have to commit to a fixed routine to find the dedicated time.

And that is why, instead of aiming…

And what you can do differently

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Definition: a person with whom one is friendly despite a fundamental dislike or rivalry

It’s an oxymoron and a combination of “friend” and “enemy” that refers to “a person with whom one is friendly, despite a fundamental dislike or rivalry” or “a person who combines the characteristics of a friend and an enemy”

I am defining the word frenemy here to give you some context about my love-hate relationship with my corporate workplaces.

Ideally, my input should have been time and effort, and salary should have been the output.

But it’s hardly ever this simple!

Over the last…

#1 Realizing that I am dealing with anxiety in the first place

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It was a cool Saturday morning when it hit me.

I had just woken up from a 10 hour deep and satisfying slumber. Post a hearty breakfast and while sipping a cup of hot tea, I found my mind wandering towards work.

But not a fleeting touch and go that we are all guilty of —after all, you cannot not think of something that takes up 33% of your time and mind space(at least).

Rather, a full-blown recap of the last week starring my manager and his general disappointment in me. Which led me to the futile exercise of checking…

Start Now with These Easy and Effective Changes

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Yesterday I came across an interesting story:

At NASA they have a poster hanging showing bees and the following message below it: “Aerodynamically the body of a bee is not made to fly”; The good thing is that the bee doesn’t know it ”.

The law of physics says that a bee cannot fly, each aerodynamic principle says that the width of its wings is too small to keep its huge body in flight; but the bee doesn’t know it, she doesn’t know anything about physics or its logic, and it flies anyway.

The last line — “and it flies…

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